Laptops: to decorate or not to decorate?

I’ve owned a laptop since I was a senior in high school. However, despite my former first world problem of needing my parents’ desktop for late-night assignments, I didn’t really appreciate my Dell until college. You see, I realized it was special. Sure, it wasn’t a Macbook, but the plastic casing around the back of my screen was a distinctive, spunky purple. Every time I got a compliment, I silently thanked my mother for her habit of buying limited edition items from QVC.

I never considered decorating my old laptop. It went without saying, at least in my mind, that adding anything to colorful equipment would just make it seem (more) tacky. My respect for factory-mandated appearances had its perks, though. I didn’t run the risk of wasting hours on Etsy and Redbubble, scrolling through stickers with a painful sense of indecision and a limited budget. Then, Della had an unfortunate accident at the end of my pre-junior year, which left her with a severely cracked screen. When I found an affordable replacement, I was forced to deal with sleek, silver surface area for the first time. On one hand, I felt sad. The brushed look seemed bland, especially in the absence of a signature logo like Apple’s. I guess something as trivial as this wouldn’t affect most people, but I’m a bit strange when it comes to my affection for color and patterns (I also have somewhat eccentric fashion tastes). On the other hand, I was overwhelmed at the idea of personalizing the hunk of machinery that I carried everywhere. It was an exciting prospect, but there were so many cute ideas floating around that I couldn’t begin to sort my thoughts. With a new term coming up and more important things to worry about, I crossed laptop decorating off my to-do list. Until now, that is.

“Chibi” (cutsey) renditions of characters from the series Soul Eater, Full Metal Alchemist, and Noragami

As you can see, I finally decided to do something–or rather, fate did. When some boxes of brochure paper and photo paper were destined for the trash at my weekend job, I snagged them and set them aside, hoping to find some use for them. Thanks to that paper, I was able to print fun homemade decals on my friend’s printer. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to have a cute look. Do whatever makes you happy, even if someone else thinks it makes your laptop look–heaven forbid–tacky. If you need some inspiration, there are a lot of blog posts out there, but I like some of these suggestions for jazzing things up with removable washi tape. And, of course, there are amazing decals available, particularly for Macbooks, so you have no excuse if you’re “not creative.” Happy designing!

Isabella Fidanza
Isabella tends to be a little too ambitious and a little too talkative, but she means well and enjoys making people laugh. While she's always been interested in publishing, she's also enamored with history and museum settings. She sympathizes with sassy sidekick characters, and thrives on making friends from different cultures.

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