The Rise and Fall of a Social Media Phenomenon

With the advent of the internet and the age of social media, there’s never a shortage of new sites, apps, and features to keep us busy and keep us posting. It’s almost addictive and the app that everyone’s talking about keeps changing. Sometimes, these apps and sites have a lifespan that stretches for only a few weeks. Others, like the big names of Facebook or Twitter, keep on keeping on, though their popularity fluctuates.

Vine is the latest app to meet its demise, and the internet is alive with people sharing their favorite vines.


Creator of Vine

Vines, six-second video clips popular for just about everything, was created about five years ago. It sprang into my notice my senior year of high school, but I didn’t pay it much mind. I have my staples -Twitter, Instagram, and a current fascination with Snapchat- and I don’t deviate too often. But, it was hard to miss it’s existence since Twitter purchased Vine before it launched.

Since its start, Vine has launched the career of singer Shawn Mendes and brought actor Josh Peck back into the spotlight.

Last week, Twitter announced that it was putting an end to Vine, and it leaves me wondering why. Does it involve the ongoing struggle Twitter faces to become profitable as a publicly owned company? Is it because of social media sites have larger reaches, and therefore larger potential profits for the well-known viners?

Or maybe it has to do with competition. Snapchat stories can contain videos, though they’re only temporary. Instagram is continuing to grow, and with the video feature, it’s entirely possible that it contributed to Vine’s death.

Whatever the motivation or deciding factors on Twitter’s behalf for getting rid of Vine, it’s a great example of how even some of the biggest internet fads can fade away. We’re always searching for the next big thing, and Vine just couldn’t keep up.

Jaycie Jaskolka
Jaycie is a third year accounting and legal studies dual major. She enjoys always being right and smoothies.

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