The Drexel Experience

I’m not a senior, counting down the months until I finish school, but I’m super aware of how my time is ticking away. Once fall term comes to an end, I’m officially done with half of my academic career here at Drexel. Six terms down, six more and 30 months to go.

So, while I’m not graduating this spring, or next, I’ve been here for a little while. Drexel, and Philly, welcomed me two and a half years ago with open arms and unrelenting winds that make me hesitate before wearing a skirt that could cause a Marilyn Monroe kinda moment. And while I’m fairly vocal about my frustrations with Drexel come FAFSA verification, and my issues with the system of higher education as a whole, I’m incredibly thankful for the people and opportunities it’s provided me with.

KarnikHajjar via Snapchat
(who lets us in the same room honestly)


Obviously, there’s co-op. I’ve got my first one finished and I’m interviewing for my second. There are no words to describe the relief I feel after working in an accounting department for six months, that it’s something I still want to commit the rest of my life to. The future is terrifying and that experience is so incredibly calming for me.

There’s also Karnik, who will probably link his own page here because you gotta get in that shameless self-promotion. Karnik, who I met in Criminal Law when Genetta decided that the class should engage in a…friendly debate about the legalization of prostitution. I wouldn’t have really known about 5027mac had it not been for him. I also probably would not have stayed sane if not for him.

This term I joined a sorority -in case you missed that on my social media or didn’t read my post about Big-Little Week- and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Drexel. The women I was initiated and went through the new member process with are some of the most caring, funny, and inspiring people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’ve already been given some great opportunities to get involved more on campus.

The chance to move to Philly, in general, has been eye-opening as well. I grew up in a small town. Philly is very decidedly not a small town, and while I’ve (mostly) adjusted to the culture shock, there’s always something new to find. Whether it’s my favorite brunch spot that I’ll make the hike to South Philly for (vegan chicken and waffles are always worth it, bless The Tasty), or the friends I’ve made going to shows who continuously blow me away with their talent and ability, or the Chinese food place that I ordered from exclusively for two years, the city’s been good to me.

Though, maybe I should look into Philly further than it’s food and alt music scene? To be fair, I’m still on a quest to find decent pizza and/or Thai food. So it’s totally justifiable that I’m putting the emphasis on the few gems I’ve found.

But, I’ve got Drexel to thank for all of this. Point me back here when I start screaming about the Drexel Shaft again, please.

Jaycie Jaskolka
Jaycie is a third year accounting and legal studies dual major. She enjoys always being right and smoothies.

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