The Nostalgia Awaiting in Kesha’s “Wonderland”

Now I know that Kesha (formerly Ke$ha) isn’t exactly known for deep lyrics that really mean something, but her song “Wonderland” is different. Off of her last album, Warrior, “Wonderland” paints a picture of nostalgia, growing up, and homesickness that I really relate to right now.

You can find the lyrics here if you would like to see them in their entirety: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/keha/wonderland.html

Overall, I think that the song mainly details a longing for the past, sentimental feelings, and realizing that, although you may not know it, those were some of the best times. I think this is one of the most compelling songs that Kesha has produced, and I love the feelings that it evokes within me.

Starting off the with the lines “I was just a young kid / with time to waste,” already has me on the same page as Kesha. When you’re young you don’t think too much about the future or past, and are mainly concerned with the present. And the time to waste really hits home because as a child you unknowingly fritter away your youth. She continues by saying “Living out of my car / those were the days.” She is realizing that a lot of her best times were in the past, which goes along with the theme of noticing that the times you have had passed you by, and you didn’t have the time to realize that they were the good times.

That was just the first stanza, and I already appreciate it so much! And Kesha’s lyrics continue to cut deep with “Ain’t it funny how time flies / Fades into gold.” Once again playing up the fact that the time that has passed is was the good times, and you see it in a favorable light. She continues with “Now I wanna do a drive-by / but I can’t find the road.” I can totally relate to this. As you grow up, I think it’s natural to feel sentimental at times. Initially, I thought the connotation of “drive-by” was bad, and that threw me off a bit, but I realized that it was simply driving by in a simpler way. She just wanted to visit the old times, but she can’t because that path is behind her and has ended already. What has happened in the past can’t be revisited, and even though you feel like you want to go back, you just can’t.

The chorus is extremely sentimental, “Back to wonderland / where it all began. / Everything was so simple then / living life like our last weekend.” Wonderland obviously being a spectacular place, Kesha expresses how life was simple and good, and then moves back to that sentimentality, “Wish I could find my way / back to wonderland.”

Kesha then goes on to discuss old friends, and how they can meet up to converse, but nothing is the same. This is something that I especially relate to, leaving a small town to attend a college in the city. I feel as though I don’t have the close relationship with my friends that I used to have, and even though I would be glad to see them, things would just be different. We’ve moved in different directions, and that’s wonderful, but it also draws us apart. We’ll always have the bond of friendship we once had, but it just won’t be the same.

Anyway, Kesha really details a lot of relatable feelings that I think reach a wide audience. Most everyone has a time in their life that they found to be a nice time, and would like to revisit it. I find this song from Kesha to make me feel better, and know that I’m not alone in the feelings of nostalgia. I guess the song is a bit straightforward, but I really enjoy it, and figured I would share it because of the positivity and sentimentality it has provided for me.

Nicholas Oberto

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