How HIMYM Brings Us Together

How I Met Your Mother is one of those shows that everyone seems to know about, watched, or is currently watching now (whether it be for the first time or for the 3rd time). With a plot line applicable to many, telling the story of 5 close friends and the ups and downs of their friendships and life obstacles, it is hard not to be sucked into the HIMYM realm. Personally, watching it for the 2nd time now, I can say that it is my favorite TV show that I’ve watched so far in my lifetime. I value each character and the personal qualities each of them portrays. A show depicting real life struggles but conveying the value of having friends to help you through it should be anyone’s and everyone’s favorite show.

The humorous part of watching How I Met Your Mother is that you sort of unknowingly become part of an unspoken “club,” that is, of everyone else who has survived and made it through 24 episode long seasons with 9 seasons in total. And this club? It reaches from ocean to ocean. I kid you not. I have met people on the subway, on the bus, in restaurants, in New York City, Florida and even California that I have been able to acquaint myself with all because of the common fact that we, like many, love HIMYM.

I tend to make friends rather easily, as I’m a pretty personable individual, yet whenever I need some help in striking a conversation, HIMYM never fails me. Simply asking “Hey, do you like the show HIMYM?” has helped me achieve the art of small talk, although the matter is not small. How I Met Your Mother is a big deal, just as it should be. I have a friend who is currently watching the show, and is nearing the end. I constantly am telling him that not only will he have finished watching the best series of all time, but will also be inducted into the unspoken HIMYM club, therefore gaining a new group of friends no matter where he travels.

Personally, if I were approached and the first thing someone brought up to start a conversation was about this show, I’d certainly have a new best friend right then and there, on the spot. Bringing people together has been an unintentional outcome of this show for years now, and it amazes me that something so simple as a TV series is able to do so. As a conversation starter with strangers, a topic at my Sunday family dinners, the #1 thing my friends and I discuss on a daily basis, or even the idea behind a blog post, this show has done more than enough for its viewers, and has even made us feel like we are a part of the Lily-Marshall-Barney-Ted-Robin friend group ourselves. If you have yet to finish the series or watch the show in general, I recommend you do so. You are not only going to experience watching the best TV series of your life, but also will join a new social group, solely of people who nerd out over it.

Isabella Schnoering

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