The True Meaning of Weddings

This past weekend I was my friends date to his mom’s wedding. With a weeks notice, I scrambled to find a dress and pack my bags since the wedding was about 3 hours away. I felt frantic due to the short notice but I couldn’t help myself – I’m a sucker for weddings. My own sister’s wedding being about a year ago, I could still easily recall the enchantment the wedding brought to anyone who attended. So, with a nor’easter coming up the coast, due to hit on the morning of my friend’s mom’s wedding, we hit the road and braced ourselves for the events ahead of us.

Five hours of driving and we finally arrived at 10 p.m, about twelve hours before the wedding. Since we had been cooped up in the car for so long, naturally, we sprawled out onto the floor and fell asleep. We woke up being greeted by down pouring rain and high winds. Great. The wedding was set to be on the beach at noon, but by the looks of it, that was certainly not an option anymore. Upon discussion, we all agreed the wedding should be held at the house, under a gazebo, then the reception will be held inside. Now, I should mention that this house had a fairly large yard and plenty of room through the house to hold more than enough people. With the change of plans, everyone was pretty bummed since we had all planned and been looking forward to the beach wedding.

We spent the entire morning, 5 am to 11 am rummaging around, setting up the gazebo, keeping everything outside as dry as possible, including ourselves, and cooking all the food for the reception. By the time noon rolled around, everything was set and ready to go, one may even say that it was perfect, aside from the down pouring rain. Once everyone had arrived for the ceremony, it began.

My friend’s mother walked down the isle and married the guy she not only loved but was her best friend. In the moments as she walked out of the gazebo, I could tell that not only I but everyone who attended was thinking one thing: this may have not been the wedding they dreamed of, but that wasn’t what mattered. We were all there, we were all smiling and laughing, and the house was filled with more love than one could ever imagine.

The rain may have changed the plans, but it didn’t change the purpose. The reception lasted hours, with lots of food, games, dancing and a ton of laughter. We even ran outside, in the pouring rain, at one point. I was a bit upset that I didn’t get to attend a wedding on the beach, but hey, there are plenty more to come in the future. Plus, the beach isn’t what mattered, anyway; it was the people I was there with that made the experience all that it was.

Isabella Schnoering

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