Avenue Q Hits the Stage

Walking into the Mandell Theatre, I was mentally prepared to experience a humorous musical that would help lift my spirits before my a.m chemistry test the following morning.  However, a dear friend that had offered me the ticket and that I accompanied to the show, forgot to mention the raunchy yet hilarious tone of the musical and upon beginning, I was quite taken back, but in a good way. I highly enjoyed how honest and real the show was in talking about serious topics such as race and sex, yet looking at them in a humorous and different perspective.

I attended the first show of Avenue Q on opening night, Thursday May 11th and from the experience I had, would highly recommend this musical to anyone with a good sense of humor. Put on by our own Theatre group, with participants and actors/actress ranging in majors from Chemistry to Writing, this show appeals to anyone and manages to bring us all together through humor. Upon the first number and opening song, called Avenue Q Theme, the crowd was greeted by a few actors, some accompanied by human/monster puppets, that were the main characters of the show. The musical follows a group of friends, with a range of backgrounds and unique qualities, and their journey on figuring out life while all living on the same street, Avenue Q. They discuss topics such as race, sex, sexual orientation and even being a post grad out in the “real world” for the first time. The characters dabble in the concept of life’s “purpose” and, before I could even realize it, had me considering what my purpose in life even was. Though do not be fooled, they cover this topic with a comical tone still.

With numbers titled like “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” and “If You Were Gay”, its easy to see the openness and expressiveness put into and conveyed by the show. I’ve always enjoyed musicals, but this one really blew me away. It was so enjoyable that I personally lost track of time, and once the 15 minute intermission rolled around, I was sad to think that it was about half way over. I could have watched this musical all night. Its relaxed, fun, and at one point will even find some of the actors and actress right by your seat (Not giving any spoilers). If you enjoy a highly creative and thought provoking/stomach-clenched-from-laughing-too-hard musical, then Avenue Q is for you. The Drexel Theatre team did an astounding job at bringing Avenue Q to life and should be highly commended on their work.

Isabella Schnoering

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