Going to See the Drexel Drag Show

Arriving at the drag show a couple of minutes early, the line to get in was already out the door of the main building. The amount of people that came was mind blowing! I didn’t expect that many people to come, the entire auditorium of the main building was filled. The turnout exceeded my expectations by a long shot. After being ushered into the auditorium, the show was projected to start at 8pm, but ended up starting at about 8:30. This was off putting for me, until the show started, and then I forgot all about it, and it didn’t bother me at all.

Being a fan of Drag Race, the prospect of Laganja Estranja being at our show was intensely exciting! Being that this was the first drag show that I’d ever been to, I didn’t really know what to expect. First of all, I expected to be standing, in more of a club setting, but it was actually a more classical interpretation of a show. Sitting in the auditorium and watching drag queens perform. Laganja kicked off the show in a very professional manner that I think had everyone amazed. It was breathtaking. Laganja is known for being a choreographer, having worked for Miley Cyrus, and other big names. This was clearly apparent after seeing her perform. She was all over the stage, the aisles, you were pulling 360s trying to watch her at all times. Needless to say, the performance was outstanding.

After Laganja’s performance, local queens from Philly, and some of our own, from Drexel performed. I didn’t really know what to expect from these performances either, but I can honestly say that I wasn’t bored with anyone’s performances. There were some pretty cool song choices for lip synching, and some pretty amazing moves to boot. There wasn’t much I could complain about. The whole thing was pretty surreal, and was actually really inspirational.

Concluding the show, Laganja performed again. Obviously, she killed it, but what really got me this time was her speech afterwards. Closing the show, she mentioned how she wanted the lasting impression of Laganja Estranja at Drexel wasn’t that she was an amazing performer, but that you could follow your dreams no matter what they are, and be yourself doing that. Her speech was really touching, not to mention that she followed the show with a meet and greet, where she stayed to meet everyone present. That was another amazing element to the drag show. You could meet some of the queens and have a conversation. Laganja’s line was really long, but after waiting in it for a little under an hour, I have to say that she was really down to earth, and just kind! I guess I could have expected that from her pleasant speech at the end, but meeting her one on one was a really crazy experience.

I can’t express how wonderful the drag show was. If it ever comes into consideration to attend, I highly suggest it! And in the future, I can only imagine that Drexel will continue inviting highly revered queens that will give just as good a show as Laganja. She set some pretty high standards though! (Trust me, I’m gleeful in this picture, but I’m starstruck and flustered.)

Nicholas Oberto

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