Wild Thoughts to Airplane Mode

Yesterday, I found my mind all over the place. In my planner were five headings. Beneath each heading sat a list of tasks; not to mention, the calendar on my computer, jam-packed with meetings and locations of where to be and what to do next.

Book a flight before next Friday. Need $600. Broke.

Still don’t have a job for co-op. Find one. There goes three hours out of my day for just one application.

Make sure to pass the term. Remember, striving for a 3.5

Study for class. Here come the migraines. Focus.

Hungry. Cook. No time. Quick food—french fries. Gaining weight. No fries. Still hungry.


This group needs my attention. This person wants to meet. She needs a phone call. He needs an update.


I finally found myself sitting on a bench along the Schuylkill River Trail, with my phone on airplane mode.


There was breeze from the river. It didn’t feel anything like salt water hitting my face, but it was fresh. I watched as fathers ran with baby strollers, friends played kickball, children laughed, women danced. There was so much life passing me by along the trail, and each person had a story.

I wondered what they were. Some smiled, but were they happy?

As joggers ran past me, I contemplated their reason for being on the trail. Was it for exercise? Daily routine? Just for leisure?

Are you running away too?

And with that thought, I got off the bench and hit the trail running.


Sometimes when thoughts overpower the mind, it’s so important to take reign in some fashion. Nature is good for release. As I noted each person I passed along the trail, I could tell that in this moment, they had some type of control over what was going on in their lives. They weren’t attached to a cell phone, answering someone’s call, or bogged down in work. They were offline from the stress, and present in the moment. I guess I need to “airplane mode” along the Schuylkill River Trail more often.

Jasmine Jones
A Nursing Major with a Creative Writing Minor. Lover of reflection, walking outside in fresh air for peace, running for stress alleviation, and camping because s'mores and a starry sky is her version of a perfect view.

One thought on “Wild Thoughts to Airplane Mode

  1. I found this post extremely relatable in the sense that we all often find ourselves struggling with the never ending lists going through our mind. With the constant reminders that our cell phones provide for us, we are left never able to take a break from the constant whirlwind of “to-do’s”. Often times, I myself need to take a break from the world and just enjoy the quiet moments of life.

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