Friendsgiving cometh

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) has a terrific event planned just before the Thanksgiving holiday sends students home for a few days to gorge themselves on food and football. On Thursday, November 16th, exactly one week before Thanksgiving, CAB is hosting a huge Friendsgiving celebration in the great court of Main Building where there will be free food and even pie giveaways!
The admission is free (yes, FREE!) and tickets go on sale Wednesday, November 1st. Your best course of action would be to gather the people you most want to celebrate Friendsgiving with, and get in line early at CAB’s ticket booth in the Creese Student Center for when they first open on November 1st, because tickets will probably sell fast, and you can’t reserve tickets for all your friends–they have to be there!
Take advantage of this great opportunity for fun and festivities with your friends and the Drexel community! Your Thanksgiving will start a week early, and you won’t regret the chance to win a homemade pumpkin or pecan pie!

Brannon Blunk
Hello there! My name is Brannon Blunk, and I'm a senior Custom-Designed Major at Drexel University. If you ever want to discuss something I write, I'd love to hear from you!

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