Relieving Some Stress During Midterm Weeks

The middle weeks at Drexel can be tough. With midterms starting and seeming to never end, we tend to get stressed and overwhelmed with all the studying and writing papers. That’s the drawback of 10-week quarters. For all the amount of studying, doing homework and writing papers, sometimes we need a little break or stress relief. I figured, why not share some things to do with you guys? So here are a couple of ways to take a small break from all the work that we have:


Game Night

It’s always fun to get a group of friends together and play games. Whether they be board games, party games, or video games, you’re sure to have fun with your friends, and maybe even make new ones. Just laughing and not having to worry about so much work can really help relieve some stress. Take a night off from studying or doing homework on the weekend and gather some friends to have a friendly game night.



Who doesn’t love singing? And singing with friends? Yeah, that seems like a great time. I don’t know about y’all, but me and my friends love singing. I actually have a karaoke machine at home. Sometimes I invite some friends, and tell them to invite others, and we sing all night long! It’s a great way to bond with people, and you’ll be sure to share a lot of laughs with your friends while signing all the hit tunes!


Movie Night

I’m sure there are a bunch of y’all that love watching movies. You can go about this two ways; gather a group of people and head to a movie theater to catch the latest flicks, or get someone who has a TV or a projector, a DVD player, and find a place to set it up. I personally prefer the second choice. I love watching a movie that everyone is familiar with, and hearing a bunch of people repeating lines as they’re said in the movie. Who doesn’t love Mean Girls? I’ve watched it so many times that I think I know most, if not the entire script!


Go Out

When you’re old enough, go out and have fun at a club or bar. Go dance with your closest friends for a night during the weekend. That is sure to help with all the work and stress you have from school. Have a drink or two, sing along to songs and dance! Who wouldn’t love that?! Having your group of friends rapping along to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” or Nicki Minaj’s verse to “Rack It Up,” is one of the best things ever! You’re sure to have fun if you go out for a night of dancing and drinking, JUST DRINK RESPONSIBLY!


These are just some ways to help cope with the amount of effort and time Drexel requires you to give. It’s okay to take a night off on the weekend from being a studious student. The social life is also part of the college experience, so take advantage of that and gather up some friends and have a good time together!

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