The New Quad!

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Korman Quad has been reopened! After over a year of it being sealed off and under construction, earlier this week, we got to see the new remodeled Quad.


I remember walking through the Quad my freshman year trying to get to my classes in the main building. Then, it was just a shortcut for me to get to my classes quicker. There wasn’t really any seating in the Quad, besides the steps, which were usually filled, and the grass, which wouldn’t be ideal in the cooler months. I never saw it as a place of interest.


BUT on Thursday, me and my friends decided to experience the new Quad together. As we walked down the path next to Pearlstein into the Quad, we reminisced about how the Quad used to look and how we used to love sitting on those steps next to Disque. It had been over a year since the Quad was gated off, so we didn’t know what to expect. And what we saw, well we LOVED! There were now benches to sit on throughout the Quad. There were these little circular table-like things where you could sit and hangout with friends. Chairs were added on the grass. New trees and shrubbery were planted. The Quad has more personality now with its new makeover!


Like I said, the Quad just used to be a shortcut for me, it wasn’t a place of interest. But now, I can see it being a place where I meet up with friends, hang out with them, sit down and relax even. The Quad has become a place of new possibilities for me! What do you guys think of the new makeover? Like it? Don’t? Do you guys miss the steps?

Fernando lopez

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