Writing Major Coming Soon?

I remember when I was a freshman o’ so long ago, and I was struggling with finding a major that suited me. Not only that, but a major that would help me get to a career that I wanted. I started off a Geoscience major, worst thing for me! If you know me, you know I HATE getting dirt on me! It was ironic that I was in the geoscience major, but in high school I took an interest in volcanoes and earthquakes, which is why I decided to come in the major that I did. I realized that geology wasn’t for me very quickly. Fortunately, there was a passion brewing within me: writing.


I started doing some research about a writing major at Drexel, and… THERE IS NONE! Well, not yet, at least, and I was so sad. I was miserable in my science classes. I started thinking, “What is the closest thing to a writing major?” and then I found the English program. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t read for pleasure, but I do write for pleasure.


After almost four years of being here, there is still no writing major. Which still makes me so sad! What makes me even more upset is that, this year, there are rumors that a writing major is in the works. I’m glad that Drexel will give its students the opportunity to choose a writing major, but I’m upset that I wouldn’t have had that chance while at Drexel.


I think adding this major to Drexel would increase its value. I know several English majors who love writing, but feel indifferent about reading. This gives them the opportunity to choose to be part of a group that loves writing, too, instead of being known as English majors who prefer writing rather than reading.


The creative arts are an important aspect in society. It’s a medium to express yourself. I’ve been in countless creative writing courses and students from all majors love them. It gives them a break from all the logic and technicality. Being able to add even more writing courses would benefit everyone at the university.


I’m actually really excited that there will be a writing major in Drexel’s future! It makes me happy just thinking about it. What do you all think? Do you all like writing? What are some writing courses you’ve taken that you loved?!

Fernando lopez

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