A brilliant woman and author named Toni Morrison wrote a classic novel called Beloved, which is considered canon for 20th century American literature. Its story bursts with a universal theme: love. More specifically, the love that is lost or hidden, the love that might be, and the love that might have been.
There’s a character in Beloved named Sethe who epitomizes these nuances of love, and it’s the way her heart slowly lets its guard down after years of suffering and disappointment that’s got me thinking about how admirable she is, and about how much we can learn from Sethe.
Chances are there’s at least one person on this Earth you cherish, and if there’s nothing standing between your heart and theirs, you should be very grateful; but life happens to all of us, just as it happened to Sethe, and sometimes it’s hard or impossible to be near those we love, and there’s not always much we can do about it.
For everyone who feels a bit like Sethe, I’d say we could all take a page from her book and continue cherishing, believing, and giving our hearts a chance despite the messes we find ourselves in. In this case, closing ourselves off to protect ourselves is only a sure bet for more misery, but stepping out onto the ledge of hope and faith might pay off in ways you’d never expect or imagine. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take the chance and find out than give up on the possibility of beloved!

Do you agree or disagree? What characters do you admire for their faith and bravery, and why? I want to hear your thoughts!

Brannon Blunk
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