No Seats Reserved For English Majors?

It never fails… Every single quarter, when course registrations begins, I can never get into one of the classes that I actually need to fulfill a requirement for my major!


I really don’t understand how an English major can be waitlisted for an English course. Every single time registration for me opens, I wake up ten minutes before so that I can get into the classes I need, and there’s always one class that I can’t get into. The funny thing, it’s usually an English or writing course.


Last quarter, when I was registering, I had to talk to the professor teaching Creative Writing because, while there were still about eight spots to fill the class, they were reserved for screen writing majors. SERIOUSLY!? As an English major with a minor in writing, I find it unfathomable that these types of classes have reservations for other majors that aren’t English or writing minors.


For the winter quarter, I tried signing up for the Mystery Story course, and to no surprise, I was waitlisted. I was talking to a friend (also an English major) and she was waitlisted too. I don’t get it. Psych and Business majors get courses where seats are reserved for them, but English majors have to constantly battle with being waitlisted or not being able to get into an English or writing class. It’s very frustrating. I’m pretty sure that the majority of that class won’t even be English majors!


I understand that the population of English majors here at Drexel isn’t large, far from it, but I think English and writing courses should have a specific number of seats reserved for us. It’s only fair.


Honestly Drexel, do better. Show English majors some love, too!

Fernando lopez

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