There are all sorts of communities to belong to on a college campus: greek life, athletic teams, and student organizations are just a few examples. There are a handful of such communities I belong to here at Drexel, but I’m especially grateful for one in particular, and that’s the Custom-Design Major program.
If you’re unfamiliar with the program, the Custom-Design Major is the only major housed in the Honors College, and its purpose is to enable students to pursue an individualized course of study based on their unique and specific goals and interests. There are currently about fifty students in the program, and more than ten seniors, myself included. The program requires a senior capstone project, and some of my fellow seniors are already finished and presenting their work.
It was a Friday afternoon when I debated whether or not to attend one of these presentations, and I had lots of other things to do (including writing this blog!); but I decided that the value of participating in my community was greater than getting more work done that afternoon.
So I attended the presentation; asked questions; conversed with classmates; congratulated my fellow senior; and contributed to an overall sense of accomplishment for everyone involved. It’s sounds like a small thing, and it is–but small things done over and over again build much bigger, more important things, like trust, camaraderie, generosity, and pride. It’s small experiences like attending a presentation in your community that ultimately make lasting memories, and make your college experience–or professional, family, or neighborhood experience–more meaningful.

So how might you participate more in the communities you belong to? What communities do you belong to, and why are they special? I want to hear your thoughts!

Brannon Blunk
Hello there! My name is Brannon Blunk, and I'm a senior Custom-Designed Major at Drexel University. If you ever want to discuss something I write, I'd love to hear from you!

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