Creative Writing All The Way!

I was in one of my classes, and the discussion of creative papers versus technical papers came about. Being an English major, I’m faced with doing both. Honestly, one of the reasons I became an English major is because I would rather write papers than to have to study for exams.


The argument for technical papers was that there’s a structure, and that their mind doesn’t think creatively. I found this mind-boggling. I always thought everyone had an easy time with being creative. The fact that many creative writing genres, like fiction, allows you to bend and break the writing rules is amazing. I hate being confined by rules. I really thought others felt similar to me.


I’ve never realized that there are people whose minds work best having a structure, specifically when writing a paper. I personally like prompts that allow you to be more creative than usual. I love exploration essays, rather than research-based papers. Just the thought of having to spend extra time on researching puts me in a bad mood. I value the art of writing, and I value the creativity of one’s imagination, so there’s no way I would ever choose a technical paper over a creative essay!


For me, it’s easier to do a creative piece. I love being able to do whatever I want. I mean, I’m working on an erotic horror piece right now for my creative writing course. There are no rules, no structure, no anything but your own limitations. That’s what’s cool about creative writing. Essentially, you choose your rules; you choose what to follow. Who wouldn’t love that?


I get that being creative can be intimidating. You never really know if someone is going to find your creativity good. But I think being able to express your imagination is completely worth it. It doesn’t matter what others think as long as you’re satisfied with your product. Think of it this way, creative writing is one of the only times you can reach into the depths of your mind, and pull out something insane, like erotic horror, and explore it!


So yeah, creative writing all the way!

Fernando lopez

One thought on “Creative Writing All The Way!

  1. I can see the appeal in something structured like technical writing. There are known rules, there are low expectations for say, wordplay, and everyone knows what they are going to get. But like you Fernando, I prefer the challenges of creative writing. Is it scary to have few, if any, rules fencing in what you say and do? Is what comes from the depths of your imagination sometimes shocking? Yes. But. That is why I also find it more rewarding to have someone read something that is wholly of my invention, hopefully coming away stunned, and maybe wanting more. I haven’t done erotic horror yet, but who knows what paths creativity will take any of us down the next time we put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard?

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