There are tons of resources at Drexel!

I’ve checked out a lot of books from the library this quarter, but the most recent time I tried to, I learned something new: Drexel offers an inter-library loan system called E-Z Borrow that really comes in handy if the book you’re looking for either isn’t available at the Drexel library, or is currently missing or checked out.
I approached the circulation desk in the library and used one of the computers designated for students to look up the book I was looking for–A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle–and saw that it was listed as missing. I needed the book in a matter of days, however, and I didn’t want to pay for it, so I asked for some help from behind the counter of the circulation desk and a kind lady pointed out that an inter-library loan would likely arrive in just a couple business days. This was perfect! Seriously, the staff at the library is super helpful.
So I went into the E-Z Borrow system to find my book, and I was surprised that Drexel is connected to a network of something like twenty or thirty other libraries in this region (not just Philadelphia! New Jersey, New York, the rest of Pennsylvania as far away as Pittsburgh, and Delaware), almost all of which had A Wrinkle in Time available to loan. All I had to do was type in my Drexel login information, the name of the book, and the library where I wanted to pick it up!
I’m sure there are tons more useful resources around Drexel I’m not aware of, but the inter-library loan system will remain a favorite for me. Do you think you would ever use this system? What other great resources have you found at Drexel? I want to hear your thoughts!

Brannon Blunk
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2 thoughts on “There are tons of resources at Drexel!

  1. I am a senior and have to say that I figured out way too late the benefits of research. I always found research to be tedious and less satisfying than what one might call “pure reason” (the number of people I know who will proudly declare that they have never even been in the library is dismaying). However, last term, I was blanking trying to generate ideas for a large final paper and after doing a bit of research, discovered a wonderful book my professor hadn’t even heard of, which inspired thousands of words from me.

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