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Winter is my favorite season. (Yes, I say this even after the latest spate of bone-chilling temperatures.) When I was younger, I loved going skiing with my family. It was my favorite part of winter, even more so than the holidays, which is saying something for a small kid. I loved the rush of flying down the steepest hill that I could manage, of relaxing afterward with sore muscles and hot cocoa in front of a fireplace. There was just something so satisfying about coming in from the cold, of having a great time and drowsing away while the flames danced in front of me.

When I was older, I discovered skating. First on wheels, then rollerblades, and later on ice. I fell in love. Unlike with skiing, I’ve never had any formal lessons, and I’m not claiming any kind of expertise. I come away from the ice with bruises pretty much every time I put blades on ice. But with skiing, you can only go as far as the end of the hill. While a skating rink might look smaller from the outside, you don’t have to wait to be carted back to the top of the slope to try again. You can go as far as you like, as long as the rink is yours to use.

Which leads me to something wonderful I only recently learned. As Drexel students, we have access to an ice rink! (I’m a transfer student, I haven’t been here that long.) The Class of 1923 Arena is the University of Pennsylvania’s ice rink, located on their campus, but this means it’s less than a 10-minute walk from MacAlister Hall. That’s a whole lot closer than Penn’s Landing!

While the public skating times are kind of limited, if you have a break from classes right after noon, you can probably make it over to strap on a pair of skates and make a few circuits around the rink. Maybe. Looking at photos of the arena, it seems massive, but I’m certainly looking forward to trying. Perhaps I can even make it around once without falling. Probably not, but I can certainly dream big!

Did you already know about this winter wonderland so close to class? If you did, why was I not informed? But seriously. I’ll be heading there this quarter. Will I see you there?


Daniel Holl
Daniel is a non-traditional student who splits his time between campus and his home in Swarthmore with his wife and children. When he somehow manages to get caught up on his school work, Daniel likes to relax with a fantasy novel or take his dog Mac for a run in the woods.

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  1. I also love ice skating! I also discovered ice skating when I was older. I was terrified of it when I was younger, but fell in love with it as I grew more confident in my skating abilities. Thank you for mentioning the the ice skating rink at Penn because I always forget that it is there.

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