Super Bowl Woes

Fly, Eagles, Fly

The city of Philadelphia will be watching when the Eagles compete, for the third time, in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. A rematch of 2004’s game is highly anticipated by football enthusiasts as the Patriots take on the Eagles in Minnesota.

I’ve always loved Football. It certainly isn’t my favorite sport, but the hype around the games is enough to rope me into watching. I discovered the city’s deep love for the game and their team as I walked through Center City on Sunday afternoons. Pubs were packed with green jersey’s and enthusiastic fans as Carson Wentz led his team to victory on the field. When he tore his ACL the outcry that occurred among the population was eye-opening. Philadelphians worried that their chances of a Super Bowl snapped along with that tiny ligament.

However, Nick Foles stepped into the hot seat and has performed excellently. The performance of his life being displayed in his dismantling of the Vikings in the NFC championship. City officials were worried fans would riot if the Eagles had lost. Crews were spotted greasing light poles to dissuade any would-be climbers from drunkenly splitting their heads open.

In that regard, this Sunday’s big game is even more interesting. Living in one of the cities involved in the big game is a unique experience which should be fun. Overall, I am looking forward to watching the Super Bowl this weekend and have high hopes that the Eagles pull off the upset. As a spectator, all I really care about is an exhilarating game. But for the city’s sake, the Eagles must win.

Fly, Eagles, Fly
Ali Ziabakhsh-Tabari

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