Something in the Air

Everyone in Philadelphia was holding their breath as the Eagles faced off against the Patriots on Super Bowl sunday. Police lined up along the streets in anticipation of the result of the big game. Thankfully the Eagles were victorious in their efforts to defeat arguably one of the greatest NFL franchises of all time. If they hadn’t the consequences might have been dire, as even in victory fans found reasons to destroy the city around them.

Many fans celebrated peacefully, enjoying their drinks shouting expletives such as “F**K Tom Brady” and “BIG D**K NICK”. However, I saw firsthand as fans piled onto the awning at the Ritz-Carlton; it collapsed shortly after. One of my good friends saw a police officer’s horse get stolen after he was knocked off. Street signs and traffic signals were being ripped from the ground. Several times during the evening high grade fireworks were set off only several feet away from where I was standing. If felt as if the night could have taken a sinister turn at any moment. I suppose in some places it did, as there were reports that a gas station had been vandalized and looted by fans who perhaps had too much to drink.

It really makes you wonder what would have gone down in downtown Philly if the outcome had been different. Overall, I had an amazing experience that night. I have never seen that many people in one place before. I’m happy the Eagles won, but I just wish some people were able to celebrate their victory peacefully. Hope for a repeat next year though!


Ali Ziabakhsh-Tabari

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