Not Dead Yet: Zombie Series Shambles on Unsteady Legs

It can be hard being a writer. Creating and crafting a story that no one else has done before. Sending that story out into a world of hostile and critical readers, hoping someone likes it enough to publish it. So not only getting a book published but having it turned into a major motion picture with lots of young rising talent and someone like John freaking Malkovich in the cast, most people would think the author would be sitting pretty, right?

However, five years after the release of the movie adaptation of Warm Bodies, Isaac Marion cannot finish his story. While it is true that most people that see a movie are not necessarily going to read the book it was based on, but a movie version is still a great marketing tool for an author and publisher. Despite that, even many fans of the first book do not know that a sequel, The Burning World, was published and released. The movie made about double its estimated budget back in the US alone, yet the author was living out of his car at one point while he wrote the rest of his book series. Now, despite having the ending of the series written, Marion cannot find anyone to publish it because sales for The Burning World just haven’t fulfilled his publisher’s hopes.

How is this possible? It is true that 2017 was a mess for the fiction industry, along with the psyche of the majority of the country, as countless books and their release found themselves buried under the mudslide we have called politics for the last year. In many ways, all of these issues boil down to bad timing. The movie came out and boosted sales of the first book, but a sequel was not available for another four years. The overall attention span of the populace is not that long. Despite the continuing success of The Walking Dead, which came out the same year as Warm Bodies the book, maybe zombies just aren’t as popular right now. Maybe zombies are too ubiquitous, and Isaac Marion’s story of a zombie with a heart who loves a girl with a brain just doesn’t stand out like it once did.

The Burning World will release in paperback March 6th. If you ever hope to find out where R’s journey ends, spread the word, and maybe go pick up a copy yourself.

Daniel Holl
Daniel is a student in his junior year who splits his time between campus and his home in Swarthmore with his wife and children. When he somehow manages to get caught up on his school work, Daniel likes to relax with a fantasy novel or take his dog Mac for a run in the woods.

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