There are all sorts of communities to belong to on a college campus: greek life, athletic teams, and student organizations are just a few examples. There are a handful of such communities I belong to here at Drexel, but I’m especially grateful for one in particular, and that’s the Custom-Design Major program. If you’re unfamiliar … Continue reading



A brilliant woman and author named Toni Morrison wrote a classic novel called Beloved, which is considered canon for 20th century American literature. Its story bursts with a universal theme: love. More specifically, the love that is lost or hidden, the love that might be, and the love that might have been. There’s a character … Continue reading


The importance of context

My favorite TV show, Sherlock, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the namesake detective and Martin Freeman as the famous sleuth’s best friend and crime-solving partner Dr. John Watson, does a brilliant job establishing context in general, but especially at the beginning of the first episode of the whole series. A dictionary definition of context is, … Continue reading