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 Painted Bride Quarterly


Established in 1973, Painted Bride Quarterly is a community-based, independent, non-profit literary magazine published quarterly online and annually in print, PBQ‘s main agenda is to maintain and grow a venue for the highest quality literature that best represents the individual voice. PBQ publishes emerging and established regional authors in the context of their peers from across the country and around the world. PBQ works to continually surprise its readers. The combination of PBQ‘s dual-city editorial tables and the ever-changing student staff make its voice unique. Supported by Drexel University, PBQ offers student staffers the opportunity to view submissions analytically and actively contribute to the magazine with their personal opinions and ideas. Throughout the year, staffers are also exposed to professional-level experiences ranging from press releases and event planning to copy editing and book design. Additionally, PBQ‘s ever-expanding website creates opportunities for students whose interests and skill sets lean toward video, audio, and graphic art.

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The 33rd

33rdThe 33rd is a multi-genre anthology of inter-disciplinary student and faculty writing. It incorporates the winners of the Freshman Writing Contest, the Publishing Group Essay Contest, and the Week of Writing contest. The published pieces include student personal and research essays, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, humor, and opinion/editorial, along with works by current Drexel University faculty members.

Released annually in the fall term, The 33rd is being used as a teaching tool in the freshman writing curriculum. The student staff involved in the publication of The 33rd share responsibilities like assisting in submission management of writing contests and faculty writing, promoting and advertising for the contests, copy-editing and completing other organizational, pre-publication tasks, as well as distributing the anthology

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5027mac is a professional-quality online magazine managed by students from the Drexel Publishing Group. 5027mac covers ideas related to all facets of campus life and writing culture, and life at large, on both local and international levels. Read 5027mac daily for new perspectives on our ever changing world. We also provide information about publishing news and writing events of interest to the larger Drexel community.

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MayaFor over 40 years, Maya has been Drexel University’s student-run, undergraduate literary magazine, publishing student poetry, prose, short fiction and non-fiction pieces, as well as graphics, illustrations, photography and other art. Maya provides the student body the opportunity to get their work published, and additionally, by having a student staff, we offer those interested in writing, publishing, public relations, and design the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience. By being both within and yet not run by the university, Maya creates an atmosphere of artistic freedom that allows individual creativity to thrive. Maya holds an annual release party for each issue produced in late spring, as well as various events and open mics throughout the year to promote the publication. Maya holds an annual Fall Writing contest where undergraduate writers can submit their work in the following categories: Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry. In addition to the Fall Writing contest, Maya accepts submissions all year. Maya‘s editorial staff is comprised of Drexel undergraduates from various majors and educational backgrounds. Staff members are responsible for collecting submissions, attending editorial meetings, fundraising, organizing events, designing and promoting each annual issue, and day-to-day operations of the magazine. Maya is a recognized Drexel student organization; its academic advisor is Kathleen Volk Miller.

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