Kathleen Volk Miller is co-editor of Painted Bride Quarterly, director of the graduate program in Publishing, director of the Drexel Publishing Group, co-editor of and a Teaching Professor at Drexel University. She recently co-edited Humor: a Reader for Writers (Oxford Press, 2014).

Volk Miller writes fiction and essays, with work in publications such as, the New York Times, Family Circle,, and several literary magazines. She is currently working on My Gratitude, a collection of essays and Ramp Agent Parenting a book on parenting.

Follow her @kathyvolkmiller and know that she occasionally blogs on

Sara Aykit is the editorial assistant for DPG and a third-year English major at Drexel. She’s soaking up various writing opportunities, such as working for the DPG, like a sponge. Sara enjoys fuzzy socks, strong coffee and a good sci-fi book in hand. Find her @saraseagulll.

Karnik Hajjar is the communications assistant for DPG and a third-year biology major who’s not really sure what he’s doing here but it’s worked out so far.


Alex Konyk is a sophomore at Drexel University studying Mechanical Engineering. He is also pursuing a minor in German. Hobbies include writing (clearly) and reading all the books.

Miranda Reinberg is a senior English major at Drexel. When she’s not stressing about school work or writing she’s watching Criminal Minds for the 87th time, buying makeup she doesn’t need, and coordinating her outfits to match her hair.

Cindy Phan is a senior Communication major. She loves writing, anything science fiction, and good food. In five years she will be trying her best.

Jaycie Jaskolka is a third year accounting and legal studies dual major. She enjoys always being right and smoothies.




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